GODLIKE – Malicious Mind

Inverse Records

GODLIKE is a band that could easily become the new sensation in the worldwide modern metal scene since they have all it takes to make it big! “Malicious Mind” is an album that will blow your mind away if you are into the modern sounding metal and you like the combination of various sounds and elements.

GODLIKE is a Finnish band that brings us high quality, top notch alternative metal and I use this term because I can’t think of a better label that can encompass every single aspect, approach and direction present on “Malicious Mind”. These guys have succeeded in creating a very personal and unique style that makes their music easily recognizable. Now if I want to be more precise I have to let you know that their music is a combination of groove metal and melodic death metal, which they enrich with a great deal of hardcore breakdowns and modern, nu-metal elements. Moreover, in their sound you’ll find traces of thrash metal, as well as some classic heavy guitar solos and progressive structures and rhythm changes… and since GODLIKE want to keep things interesting they spice the end result even further by having a very talented vocalist who changes between screams, growls and clean vocals in a heartbeat, while other times he does some rap kind of singing. He surely has diversity while at the same moment the rest of the band members have undeniable skills and technical abilities to incorporate all these different sounds and genres and yet create a really smooth, addictive and homogeneous outcome. So, if you like the songs to have melody and aggressiveness, roughness and finesse, then “Malicious Mind” is a no brainer choice for you!

Christine  Parastatidou

Behind the Veil

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