RAVEN LORD – Descent to the Underworld

Mausoleum Records

I am not impressed anymore by bands that are created by well known musicians. I am a simple kind of metalhead with simple needs; I just want to listen to some good metal songs that will make me want to listen to them again and again and of course to make me bang my head.

RAVEN LORD is the band of well known guitarist Joe Stump and this element at least guarantees that we will listen to some high quality guitar playing, but “Descent to the Underworld” is much more. It is a heavy/power metal release that draws influences from the 80’s metal sound, but also has a dynamic and modern production. Also the whole album is well balanced between its melodic parts and heavy riffs and above all the artists who participate here all have exceptional skills; they use them in moderation and manage to create an album that deserves to be noticed by the fans of the heavy/power metal sound. Their whole sound made me think that this is the way that JUDAS PRIEST should sound if they had Yngwie Malmsteen as a guitarist. There were also moments on the album that had something of the magic of RAINBOW (at least this is how it sounded to me). This is a very good album and you can check it out without having any second thoughts.

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis

Behind the Veil

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