SHADOWS OF STEEL – Crown of Steel

Underground Symphony

In the late 90’s the heavy metal and especially the power metal scene knew a revival. Many of the albums that were released back then in our days are considered as classics. One of the metal scenes that popped out back then was the Italian.

SHADOWS OF STEEL in 1997 released their debut album which carried as a title the band’s name and had created quite a stir amongst the fans of the power metal genre. In 2002 the band released its sophomore album entitled “Second Floor” and from then on they disappeared. In 2013 the band comes to state its presence with its third album entitled “Crown of Steel”. The new release of the band is not something that can bring new elements to the power metal genre, but is a well worked and performed album with good riffs, catchy melodies and above all it presents us a band with fresh ideas and an appetite for heavy metal that even a younger band would envy. The trademark of the sound of SHADOW STEEL is that they mix their melodic metal influences (IRON MAIDEN, PRETTY MAIDS) with the power metal one (HELLOWEEN mostly), but they do achieve to create a recognizable and yet personal sound. The entire album is very good, but the songs that I have enjoyed the most are: “Nightmare”, “Outsider” and “Cast Away”. I think that the friends of melodic heavy and power metal would like to check this out.

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis

Behind the Veil

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