ZERO DOWN - Looking to Start a Riot

Devil DogFace Records

If you don’t like this album, then you’ve probably never been a big fan of the traditional 80’s metal sound, especially the metal sound that was played in the early 80’s.

The year on the CD writes 2011, but believe me this release could have been easily released somewhere between 1982 or 1983. On “Looking to Start a Riot”, which is the third full length release of the band, you will listen to traditional heavy metal mixed with some hard rock elements. Personally I think that the band carries influenced from bands like JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT (just listen to the song “Broken”), DEUCE, SCORPIONS and of course THIN LIZZY (just check out “Sweet Revenge”). All in all, we have here an amazing release from a band that knows how to play traditional heavy metal. I think that this is an album that will keep me company for a long time, since it has exactly the sound that I like and above all it has this 80’s metal attitude that many new bands try to copy, but fail. They really deserve your attention, because they are delivering the goods of heavy metal in a very fine way!!!!

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis

Behind the Veil

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