PHAVIAN - Meridian I


If you have read my review for their E.P. “Foreword”, then you know about PHAVIAN. In case you don’t, let me repeat myself a bit. The guys are from the U.S.A. and their musical style is progressive metal. The good thing with them, as I said before, is that they don’t play the average progressive metal that most bands have got us used to lately.

 They create their music and they use the ethereal voice of their female singer, Elizabeth Matson, in a manner that helps them to create a dreamy atmosphere. It is like you listen to a fairy tale narrated with music and lyrics. The band balances between melodies mainly, but they also have some harsher moments. The opening instrumental track entitled “Slate” is a fine example of a dynamic and yet melodic composition. The thing that impressed me the most with PHAVIAN is the 70’s progressive rock structure that their compositions have. “Meridian I” is a well worked release that has a lot of things for you to discover both musically and lyrically and of course it is a step forward from the previous E.P. of the band.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis

Behind the Veil

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