LOCH VOSTOK – V: The Doctrine Decoded

ViciSolum Productions

Sweden is one of the biggest and most important cradles of metal music and therefore as we all know many trends and new genres originate from over there.

The majority of the metal musicians from this country seem to be really competent and skillful musicians with a true drive and passion for music. LOCH VOSTOK is one more band that can be described by what I’ve just written. Their music doesn’t fall into a certain category or style, but it actually is an amalgam of progressive and death metal or as they like to call it extreme progressive metal. More particularly their compositions have the elaborate structures of progressive songs, but they also carry the intensity and passion of melodic death metal. Still, this description isn’t enough or totally accurate since they also adorn their songs with some thrash tinges, a few power and black metal hints and even some more modern touches. If you need to get an even clearer idea of how they sound then I have to make references to bands like DREAM THEATER, NEVERMORE (latest era), KAMELOT, IN FLAMES, CYNIC and many more. Now you get how varied and beautiful their music is… “V: The Doctrine Decoded”, which is the band’s fifth full length work, is a really impressive, multi-layered release. It’s most unfortunate that LOCH VOSTOK are still a hidden diamond, but hopefully given the right push, they’ll finally have their chance to shine!

Christine  Parastatidou

Behind the Veil

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